Arrowsmith’s Timber Products manufacture sliding & Folding doors which can be both functional and a focal point of a room.

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Sliding Doors

The traditional sliding door is still a popular choice with our clients and architects are constantly developing new ways to bring an element of creativity to this type of door. Whatever style you prefer, here at Arrowsmith Timber Products, we have you covered.

We offer a large range of designs to make the best of your timber slide doors.  Whether the standard version, with profile cylinder, or for interior and exterior operation, these handle ranges offer the right choice for every installation.  Simple to operate and completely reliable.

Our lift and slide technology highly sophisticated so that it can even allow sash weights of up to 400 kilograms to be operated safely, effortlessly and easily.  Our technology allows for doors up to 19 metres wide, with a clear opening of 12 metres.

Folding Doors

Our timber products work in many ways to create a pleasant home environment. Folding doors enable our customers to open their homes fully with all door leaves sliding along a track with a concertina effect until fully folded. This type of door is perfect for bringing the outside inside.

When closed, the hardware works efficiently to seal the whole of the locking side.  Many schemes have the option of a door way which can be operated independently off the others.  This door way can be fitted with tilt and turn hardware, offering a secure tilt position for ventilation.